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Al-Rowaysat is a residential and business area in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh. This region was established in 1996 with the goal of establishing an industrial sector as well as an additional commercial district to service the city.

The workshops were completely relocated from the Al-Nour and Al-Hadba neighborhoods to this new area, and the area was distinctly divided, without warning, according to a model prepared by the Sharm El-Sheikh City Council, due to numerous incidents of encroachment on state lands in Ruwaisat, and unplanned residential areas have established and the area turned into a bad focus. Offend the charm of the peaceful city.

Following the January 25 revolution, the number of incidents of encroachment on state lands in Al-Rowaysat surged to over 4,000, becoming unplanned.

If you enjoy the local atmosphere and the breathtaking Sinai highlands, this is the spot for you. Al-Rowaysat is surrounded by many locals and companies. Villas and apartments with breathtaking mountain views and a clear approach to the sea from the rooftops. This is not a tourist destination. purely local residential area.

Al-Rowaysat village before development
Al-Rowaysat Before
Al-Rowaysat village after development
Al-Rowaysat After

No one could have predicted that this slum, which posed a serious threat to Sharm el-Sheikh, the city of peace, would be transformed into a high-end residential area in which many wish to obtain a housing unit after the state represented in the Governorate of South Sinai and the Slum Development Fund constructed high-end housing for residents of slums in Al-Rowaysat area. In Sharm El-Sheikh, as part of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s life plan, they were provided with attached parcels of land after living in shantytowns and unsafe areas. 317 million pounds in total.

Al-Rowaysat Achievements

Al-Rowaysat has evolved into a magnificent neighbourhood with coordinated luxury residential units, where one property has four storeys, each floor has four apartments, and the space of one apartment exceeds 90 metres.

A massive water storage facility was also constructed, and the region was outfitted with cutting-edge sewage systems and solar-powered lighting poles. The buildings were divided in a civilized way, and special car garages were established beneath each one.

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