Naama bay at Sharm El-sheikh city
Egypt Photography Vyacheslav Argenberg, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Naama Bay is a natural bay in Sharm El Sheikh resort and is known as the city’s primary tourist center due to its cafés, restaurants, hotels, and bazaars. It is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Naama Bay is located around 10 minutes from both Sharm Airport and Old City. From downtown, buses can transport you, but you’ll need to take a cab from the airport to get to Naama Bay. If you opt to go by water, be prepared for a long journey.

Attractions In Naama Bay

Naama Bay has a number of nightclubs. Pacha, Little Bhudda, and Hard Rock Café are among the restaurants. (Yes, it’s one of those chain ones.) There are several pubs and coffee shops along the pedestrian walkways where you may have a shisha while people watching.
Naama Bay is essentially a collection of hotels and resorts that share the same beach line. The most well-known hotels in the area include the Naama Bay Hotel, Helnan Hotel, and Cataract Hotel.

Snorkeling and diving In Naama Bay

Snorkeling and diving are popular tourist activities in Sharm El Sheikh, as they are in other areas of Sharm El Sheikh. It’s worth noting that some hotels have cleaned the coral reef off their stretch of beach so that people may swim in it. However, there are several boat tours and diving safaris that will take you to a coral reef teeming with unusually colored species.


Naama Bay has highly pushy salesmen, and the gullible visitor who takes a “free present” (nothing in Egypt is free) or falls for the “come and sign my guest book” at a shop, only to be locked in, should proceed with caution. When shopping, it is recommended not to engage with any merchants until you are certain that you are going to buy something. This permits you to stroll without having to worry about anything (as they do not know what language you speak). The hours of operation vary, although most stores are open in the early to late afternoon and evening. If you want to avoid the trouble and bargaining, there is a Carrefour Express supermarket with set rates. Coming from the bay, it’s buried behind one of the malls, Golden Pyramid Mall, on Peace Road.

Where Should I Eat?

Walking along Naama Bay is entertaining, especially at night, when the lights of Bedouin-style and modern restaurants, café shops, and various ‘Bazaars’ twinkle. If you want to save money, you may eat at KFC, Pizza Hut, or McDonald’s; however, you can have some fresh seafood or Egyptian traditional Kebab for a slightly higher price. There are also TGI Fridays, Little Buddha, and Hard Rock Cafés.
Be careful that even if pork is advertised on a menu, it is not sold (it is actually a salted beef). Any bill will be subject to a 10-15% service fee.

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