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What we do

Egyptiva is a leading adventure travel company that offers unique experiences and unforgettable memories for travelers who want to explore the beauty of Egypt. With a focus on sustainable tourism, Egyptiva strives to provide travelers with authentic local experiences while preserving Egypt’s natural and cultural heritage.

Where we go

We offer endless adventure opportunities, from exploring ancient temples to diving in the Red Sea. Whether you prefer a camel safari in the Sahara or hiking Mount Sinai, there is something for everyone. At Egyptiva Tours, we believe that adventure knows no bounds and that there is something for everyone.

Egyptiva stands for:


Eco-friendly tours

We work towards reducing waste and supporting local transportation and accommodations.

Gender Equality

We recruit and retain female employees at all levels, promote female guides, and support women-owned businesses for sustainable tourism development.

Young people packages

We have an exciting range of tour packages for young people to explore the wonders of Egypt.

Ways to travel

Why Travel With Us?

Tours Flexibility

With flexible itineraries and skilled guides, travelers are free to choose their own adventure and make unforgettable memories.

Locally based leaders

Our team of skilled and experienced adventures experts are committed to creating one-of-a-kind travel experiences that are designed to immerse you in the culture and beauty of a destination.

Designed to benefit local communities

Our trips support local communities through responsible tourism, showcasing unique customs and lifestyle, and reducing our environmental impact through eco-friendly practices.

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