The trip of your dreams

Dreaming of visiting an area is one thing, making it happen is something completely different. At Egyptiva Tours, we not only make your luxury vacation happens, but we also take it to the next level with our planning services. Our experience has given us the knowledge and therefore the partnerships to supply exclusive access to sites and experiences you can’t find on your own. Wherever you would like to travel, your adventure starts here.

Small Groups. Big memories

Traveling in a small group gives you access to hidden gems, added security and support, and the camaraderie of a ready-made traveling squad!.

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Travel with Freedom

All of our tours are open to solo travelers! To make sure you pay the same fee, we'll gladly assign you a roommate who is also of the same sex. You also have the option of receiving an amazing deal on a single room for yourself.

You are Going To Sail On A Felucca

Take a Felucca ride down the beautiful Nile with views of the city. Feluccas are simple classic Nile sailboats that provide a pleasant and pleasurable way to go down the Nile.

Not guides, but LEADERS.

At Egyptiva, we don’t have tour guides; instead, we have Executive Experience Leaders who are all locally based and know the place you’re visiting like the back of their well-traveled hand.

Deliver The Best Experience

Our leaders are focused on your experience. We want you to enjoy the time of your life, which is why we recruit the brightest, nicest, and greatest Leaders in the business. It is their job to ensure that you come home feeling as if your life has been changed.
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Travel With Local Experts

Our EELs are all from Egypt, so they know the area like the back of their well-traveled hand. They schedule visits around the ideal times to visit (or avoid) the most visited sites, may assist you in selecting local restaurants, and can provide general recommendations on the finest things to do. They are also your go-to resource for anything that comes up because they usually speak the local language.
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Tours Flexibility

Whatever your travel style, our trips combine well-planned itineraries with the freedom to do what you want and explore a little on your own. From extras to entertainment, you can design your own trip.

Tones Of Trip Syles

We have several trips available. No, seriously. Tours for you, your family, your friends, and that coworker who loves nature films. Is this your first vacation and you want to see everything? That’s correct. Going to your seventh continent and want to be treated like the experienced traveler that you are? I have that as well. Our distinct Travel Styles organize trips into topics based on what you enjoy or how you wish to travel.

Customize Your Trip

An itinerary might range from a few hostel stays with airport transfers and area guides to intricate weeks-long adventures. We tailor your next vacation to fit your time schedule, hobbies, budget, and other requirements. We regularly collaborate with our trip companions and vendors in the region to organize exclusive experiences known only to professionals for local experiences that cannot be Googled or otherwise obtained on your own.


Travel with Like-Minded Travelers

Join a community of adventurous people who are ready to experience all the things that make our planet worth exploring, and connect with them to exchange experiences.

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Travel With Confidence

Your journey, whether near or far from home, will be local-led, full of incredible memories, and everything will be taken care of.


Gender Equality

We have made a commitment to increasing the number of female leaders on both our long and short excursions in order to provide work opportunities for women in the travel industry.

Designed to benefit local communities

We actively collaborate with communities and a variety of local partners to promote the creation of unique experiences in areas that would not otherwise benefit from tourism, giving travelers the opportunity to engage with local people and have a good impact.

Travel, connect and grow

Since our first tour, our main goal has been to connect travelers with the local community on a deeper level. These connections go past personal connections to help give back to your destination’s broader community and guarantee that the people who live there receive as much as they give. Changing the world is simple: all you have got to do is have the time of your life .

We're here to make a difference

Responsible travel has always been central to our mission. Traveling with us means better adventures for you, but also for local people, animals, and the environment.


Respecting the local culture

Our travelers have the chance to interact with the local population and have a positive influence when they go to the regiones that are included in our itineraries. While ensuring that tourism benefits Native people’s well-being, we are dedicated to respecting their rights, history, and culture. Learn More

Children's welfare

As a responsible tourism organization, we prioritize the safety and welfare of all individuals, especially children. We understand the immense importance of safeguarding children from any potential risks that may arise in the tourism industry. That is why we have taken proactive measures to ensure that our locations are safe and secure for all visitors, including vulnerable members like children. Learn More


Animal welfare

Animal welfare in tourism has become a crucial topic in recent years. While tourism activities with animals may seem like a fun and exciting experience, they often come at a great cost to the animals involved. Many animals used in tourism are taken out of their natural habitats, subjected to cramped enclosures, and forced to perform tricks or serve as photo props. Learn More


Travel with responsibility

Travel is an incredible way to broaden one’s horizons and create unforgettable experiences. However, it is important to remember that it should be a respectful, safe, and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. That’s why there is a Traveller Conduct Policy in place, which serves as a set of guidelines for all tour participants. These guidelines help to create a sense of safety, security, and enjoyment throughout the tour. Learn More



By implementing sustainable tourism practices, we can help protect and preserve the environment, and support the local economy. When tourists engage in responsible behavior and seek out sustainable tourism, they contribute to the long-term protection of the environment, and help ensure that future generations can enjoy these destinations too. Learn More