Who we are?

Egyptiva© is an excursion organizer and tour operator for travelers from all over the world. Our travel service, based in Egypt, gives head out encounters to people from around the world. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring your trips are smooth, barrier-free, and fun travel experiences.

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more than 17 years of involvement with the travel industry

Egyptiva has more than 17 years of involvement with the travel industry and has given pinnacle encounters and cherished recollections for in excess of 17,000 explorers from all over the world. Regardless of whether you’re after landscapes, exciting adventures, Safari, Historical sites, or delectable cooking, we’ll hit it all through our different tours for you. 

traveling is a right, not a luxury!

We at Egyptiva believe in high-quality and exceptional tours. But most importantly, we believe traveling is a right, not a luxury, so we strive to deliver the best tours at the most affordable prices, and deliver our passion to you regardless of where you are coming from.

The Perfect Destinations

We work hard to provide our travelers with a wide range of new destinations so that everyone can find the perfect destination.

While our excursions are of all shapes and sizes, our movement guideline remains the equivalent: To provide a short, conscious, and safe climate that reliably advances pleasure and learning.

Regardless of whether you’re after The archeological sites to enjoy the wonder of ancient Egyptians, Golden seashores on the red sea, or a fun-filled excursion in the desert, we’ll take you there.

The Exciting Activities

Arranging a truly mind-blowing trip is energizingHoweverit can also be a test. We offer the time and mastery you need when arranging travel.  Programs foster a sense of achievement, belonging, and self-esteem for participants by offering a wide range of exciting activities such as Backpacking, Scuba Diving, Sightseeing.

The Best Experience Leaders Ever

Our tour guides are special educational guides, self-employed and professional facilitators, and other professional staff who have been trained to work with travelers from all over the world.


Wherever you would like to travel, your adventure starts here. Customize your trip. Travel. And get excited!


Why Travel With Egyptiva?

No matter who you’re, or where you’re going, our travel brands help every sort of traveler not only find the trip that’s right for them but get the best value every time.

Local Experts

At Egyptiva, we have locally based tour guides. They know any destination within the country you’re exploring like the back of their well-traveled hand.

Average Groups

Join an average group of like-minded travelers that, like you, are eager to safely and confidently have all the effects that make our world worth exploring.

Fun, Freedom, Flexibility

No matter the trip Style, our trips balance well-planned itineraries with the flexibility to do your own thing and make the experience your own.

No Hidden Charges

We don't add hidden extras costs. All trips were planned to fit your budget clearly and wisely. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

Support Local Communities

We've always created our tours by building meaningful relationships with local communities, directly helping the people and places we visit.

Customizable Tours

Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.