What are Egyptian Mau Cats?

A breed of cat as old as written history, the Egyptian (‘Mau’ signifies ‘cat’ in Egyptian) can be found in the work of art of the old Egyptians. It is imagined that Egyptian Maus are slid from breeds of the African Wild Cat. In that culture, the cats were adored, protected, and buried alongside Pharaohs in their tombs as mummies. 

Over the years, the cat continued to be cherished in its native lands as an object of fancy as well as a remarkable hunter. Even today farmers keep crossbreeds from Egyptian Maus as pets to keep their fields safe from rodents. The modern recognition of this elegant feline came in the nineteen fifties when a pair was brought over to the United States. They were given championship status in the seventies.

is there a specific fur pattern for Egyptian Mau cats? 

The Egyptian Mau is the only breed of cat that has naturally occurring spots on its short coat. Found in a random pattern on its fur, these spots can likewise be found on the skin. The coat can be silver, bronze, or smoke-hued with varieties occurring between these three tones. Egyptian Maus have striking green eyes and a strange fold of skin stretching out from the flank to the back knee, which takes into consideration nimbleness. It is the quickest breed of cat, ready to reach velocities of more than thirty miles each hour. Normal grown-up male Egyptian Maus will reach loads between ten to fourteen pounds. Females will average six to ten pounds.

The Egyptian Mau Behavior

Egyptian Maus are portrayed as loquacious practically melodic and have extremely particular vocalizations. They are interested cats and like to investigate, yet they can likewise be lap cats, favoring the overall solace and wellbeing of a warm and agreeable lap.

the Maus are always alert. They are very protective of their ‘territory’ and are quite prepared to defend it against any intruders. They don’t accept other cats and pets well and fare best in a single animal household. From the beginning free Web Content, they develop a close affiliation with their humans and maintain a very loyal relationship with them throughout their lives.

The Egyptian Mau Loyalty with Family Members

Egyptian Maus are agreeable with their families and appreciate their conversation gigantically, yet are careful about outsiders. They are additionally known to sway their tails like a canine when glad. Egyptian Maus have some significant contrasts from other trained cats. They are more delicate to temperatures and lean toward very warms environments. Egyptian Maus are likewise more touchy to meds and sedation. They have a more drawn-out than normal gestational period. The typical period for cats is 69 days however 73 days is as yet thought to be typical for an Egyptian Mau. This variety is likewise inclined to food hypersensitivities, problem areas, cardiomyopathy, and cat asthma.

Differentiating Features of the Egyptian Mau Cat

A sturdy yet finely built cat, the Egyptian Mau is a medium-sized animal. It has a well-muscled and graceful presence. Hind legs are longer than the front, enabling the cat to reach speeds of up to fifty kilometers an hour. Mau is the only naturally occurring domestic cat that is spotted. The spots run underneath the fur to the cat’s actual skin. They are present on the whole body, with the legs and tail being stripped. Recognized coat colors are bronze, silver, and smoke. Eyes are in shades of dazzling green.

Egyptian Maus are healthy and active felines and don’t suffer from any recurring hereditary medical conditions. Owing to their love for the outdoors and excellent hunting skills, many owners are tempted to let them outside. Though the cats are surprisingly adept at avoiding any accidents and mishaps, it’s still not a good idea to leave these rare treasures outdoors unsupervised.