White Desert And Baharia Oasis Adventure Tour

2 Days


Explore the gorgeous sightseeing around Bahariya Oasis, before heading to the well-known white desert. experience the sand dunes, the crystal mountain, the black desert, and thus the white desert glorious rock formations that form from wind erosions. The colors change occasionally from the sun, a gorgeous sight to fantasize.


Meet your tour guide :

Following your breakfast, our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel, to enjoy an incredible guided tour off the beaten path to Baharia Oasis. Your opportunity to learn more about your adventure.

  • Your Road trip

  • The estimated time for the road trip is about 4 hours.
    Lunch will be served upon your arrival at Al Heiz Bedouin village. Explore the crystal mountain, the sand dunes, the black desert, and the rocky formations in the Valley of Agabat on your way to the White Desert National Park, the most famous desert destination in Egypt for a good reason. The volume of unearthly and beautiful wind-carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms or pebbles is unexampled in any desert in the world. Before the sunset set up your camp among the white desert rock formations.

  • The crystal mountain

  • The crystal mountain stands on the very edge of the White Desert, and shortly the black iron and basalt pebbles subside to the sand-blown chalk formations which loom on either side of the road.
    It's a necessary stop for adventurous safari tours in the white desert. A slight natural crook within the rock and thus the glittering calcite crystal walls make it an ideal place to pose for photographs. This is what geologists call an unearthed cavern, a cavern complete with stalagmites and stalactites that have been thrust above by earth movement and with time has lost its roof to erosion and has nearly survived away.

  • The white desert

  • Covering relatively 2.8 million square kilometers, this vast desert starts at the western banks of the Nile and continues into Libya and contains five insulated, but thriving, oases Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariyya, and Siwa. There are massive rock formations that form from wind erosions. the colors change occasionally from the sun, a gorgeous sight to fantasize.

  • The black desert

  • Unlike its neighbor the White Desert, the Black Desert is in stark difference with volcanic shaped mountains frequently recalling a scene from a Star Wars movie. The mountains and bottoms are scattered with small volcanic black stones lying on the orange and brown multicolored sands. it's doable for people to climb the gentle peaks with lovely perspectives across the desert area and take some vivid photos. The Black Desert is a‘ passing through’ point due to no complexes around as it's completely uninhabited The geography is of isolated plains with the dunes ( small mountains) being of diverse sizes and formations. Rather than being considered as mountains, they're more like volcanic cones rising out of the desert.

  • Explore Baharia Oasis

  • Following your breakfast at the campsite, you head to Bahariya Oasis to explore some archeological sites: Meftella Temple, the tombs of the Nobles (2 tombs are opened to the visitors), the local merchant of the 26th dynasty, whose wealth enables them to cut their own tombs, Continue to Visit the temple of Alexander the Great which was built during Alexander’s lifetime and dedicated to the god Amun and the god Horus. Lunch will be served at Bahariya oasis before heading back to Cairo.

  • The temple of Alexander The Great

  • The temple is located about three miles east of the old capital of al-Qasr in Baharia Oasis.
    It was built in the third century B.C during the reign of Alexander the Great. The temple consists of 45 rooms are carved out of sandstone and mud-brick. However, Unfortunately, most of the reliefs and inscriptions have disappeared due to erosions. However, a restoration attempt has been made and therefore the cracks between the stone blocks are crudely crammed with mortar. The main purpose behind the construction is to commemorate Alexander's journey to Siwa oasis.

Cost Includes

  • Pick-up and drop-off services from the hotel
  • Fees for admission to the indicated historical site
  • Private air-conditioned car transfer
  • Transfer to the White and Black Deserts in a private 4 x 4 vehicle.
  • Accommodation 1 desert camping night
  • 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner meal
  • bottled water for your journey
  • Desert Expert
  • All taxes and service charges included

Cost Excludes

  • Any optional tours that may be required.
  • Tipping the Guide, Driver, and so forth.

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White Desert And Baharia Oasis Adventure Tour
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